February 3rd, 2006


Oct 5, 1972

from an old journal
Loches / Blois - Thurs, 5 Oct: Sunny again. Loches chateau: inside walls - a chapel, a dungeon, a medieval castle with rennaissance decor. Two bare breasted paintings of Agnes Sorel and her grave ( which was opened in 1777 to find teeth and hair only). A very pleasant guide who spoke French slowly and rather comprehensively. A very small chapel which was supposed to have walls covered with ermine but had been sent to Tokyo for an exposition. A suite of armor.

chateau at BloisThe back to the douche in Blois for Carol's passport. The chateau at Blois was the most elaborately decorated. Richly painted ceilings, walls with fleur de lis, H's for Henri II, etc. Colored terra cotta tiles worn worn by traffic. Fancy beds. One room's walls were covered by 4" x 18" panels - each a different wood carving, all quite elaborate.

Hotel at la Croissiers on the road to Limoges. Truck drivers in bar all had dinner - some stayed overnight. One waitress served all ~30 people, she never wasted a trip - Soup, mussels, meat & peas, cheese, fruit, bread and wine, 15 francs for room for 3, 11 francs each for supper. (I think francs were worth about 20 cents)