March 10th, 2006


The almost annual trip to Guana Island

View from PlaneContour Map of GuanaWe're back now from our almost annual trip to Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands. Guana Island is a 850 acre private island resort that has at most 30 guests as well as quite a few Rock Iguanas (almost extinct) and Bermuda Flamingos (also almost extinct) and lots of other wild life. It has a pretty good reef for snorkeling off the main beach as well as several others. (The reef picture is Tortola from the plane - we didn't fly over our island).

The island looks a bit like a bird - perhaps a wild turkey. The houses are up on the hill on the ridge (at the base of the neck), the main beach is of the flat spot which contains some fields, a salt pond where the flamingos and other birds live, and an orchard/garden. The other beaches are reachable by boat or hiking.

There are supposed to be 6 resident flamingos, but apparently 2 of them fly away and only occasionally visit. The only time we saw all 6 was on the first afternoon - there were only 4 earlier that day and for the rest of our visit. The pond is too small to be a breeding spot and when it is too salty or not salty enough, they have to be fed flamingo food because the stuff they normally eat doesn't survive.


six flamingos