March 13th, 2006


Guana Sunsets

Caribbean sunsets are pretty spectacular. The room we stayed in is in the house called Fallen Jerusalem with a west-facing front porch. Every evening before going down to cocktail hour and dinner, we sat on the porch looking at the newest offering. The last night was the best.

The houses are named after islands in alphabetical order: Anegada, Barbados, Camanoe, Dominica, Eleuthera, Fallen Jerusalem, Granada, Harbour, and the now being built Jost Van Dyke. The manager's house which is on the other side of Anegada is named Zanzibar, perhaps unofficially. Keeping with such a naming theme, the boats are named Crown, Double Eagle, Doubloon, and New Sovereign (Jarecki made his initial fortune in precious metals).

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