March 19th, 2006


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While planning the details of our end of April / beginning of May trip to France I happened to find an amusing translation in instructions for a canoe trip in the Dordogne. (not that we are planning on doing it and I don't think its available outside of the summer anyway.

Important observation : It's obligatory to know swimming. For the minors without parents, you have to pay an official accompanist.

Where's George

No, not Bush.

I got a dollar bill the other day had a red stamp on it saying it was a registered bill and it had wheresgeorge URL on it. People can register and enter bills and then follow their progress.

I browsed around and found a dollar bill that had travelled 4,119 miles in a bit over 3 years through 15 hands - it was the most frequent traveller.

And then there is Wattsburg Gary who has entered 439,560 bills into the database. He is a gunshop owner who says he enters bills in his spare time. I guess a lot of cash goes through his hands and he has a lot of spare time. He's been doing it since Jan 15, 2002.

The web site says they have 79,659,750 bills being tracked!

Amazing, and I don't think I've ever seen one of these bills before.