March 24th, 2006


David Hockney at the MFA

This afternoon we went to the MFA (Boston) to see the David Hockney Portraits exhibit. It was quite a show. I didn't know much of his work but this was a very interesting collection. He drew, painted, and photographed his friends, families and lovers and these were the subjects of his work, or certainly just about every piece seen here.

Scrabble GameI thought some of the most interesting works were his photo collages. He took lots of pictures of a scene and then made a collage out of them. In some he carefully selected them so there was one consistent image and in others there are multiple instances of the same people. This image is of a Scrabble game with some friends and his mother playing. His own image can be seen in a mirror. Most people appear many times and there are views from different perspectives as well. Another one was of his mother at an old abbey called My Mother Bolton Abbey and in this case there is essentially no duplication; the shoes at the bottom are his.

My Mother Bolton Abbey
This exhibit closes on May 14. It's worth seeing and I don't know where it is going next. London at the National Gallery is 12th Oct 2006 until Sun 21st Jan 2007.