October 2nd, 2006


a solution to weak wireless router signal

My wireless router in Gloucester is on the 2nd floor at the edge of the house. Downstairs at the opposite side of the house, the wireless signal is somewhat weak. I had snaked an ethernet cable down to that spot several years ago, but now it is bad so that solution isn't available.

Upon the advice of a friend I decided to get high-gain antennas. This is much simpler than moving the router to a more central spot because of the number of ethernet cables that would have to be moved.

I checked the LinkSys site, Googled places to buy and then realized that I had to know the model number of my router so that I would get the correct connector. So I picked up the router and turned it upside down to get the model number and then put it back. For some reason or other I didn't place the order then.

Later I went downstairs and noticed that the signal on my laptop was strong! Apparently moving and putting it back place the existing antennas in a more favorable position. To remember that positioning for the future I will take a photo.