November 10th, 2006


A week and half of paid vacation courtesy of Middlesex County

To continue my trial story...

One day, about four weeks into the trial, we were waiting in the jury room and one of the jurors was called out to go to the court room. A few minutes later we were all shepherded into the court room and the judge explained that we were going to be sequestered. It seems that one of the jurors was seen talking to the father of one of the accused (I think the stabber) so she was removed from the jury and we now down to 14.

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We jurors had already spent lots of time together since much of the time during the trial is spent in the jury room while the court is in minor recess or there are conferences with the attorneys, etc. But now we spent much more time with each other. The jury was a pretty good bunch of people - there was one overbearing guy that people didn't like to much but overall everyone got along together quite well.

Shortly before deliberation one of the jurors was heard by a court officer talking to her husband, an attorney, about the case. She was removed from the jury and then we were down to 13 jurors.

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