November 16th, 2006


response to a letter to the editor

Several weeks ago there was an article in the Globe about jury duty; it asked for people to write in about their experiences. I wrote a letter that said that my jury duty experiences were fine but my last call to duty was pretty poor with two notices in 2 days, 2 weeks notice, a web site for rescheduling that was under construction and an always busy phone number. It was published on Nov 12.

Most amazing was that I received a letter from a Jury commissioner yesterday saying that she had read my letter and apologized for the inconvenience. She explained that this was an exceptional situation. They had expected to seat a jury for a potentially long civil trial on my call day and they sent last minute notices to a large amount of people to make sure they had enough potential jurors. As a result they got an abnormally large amount of telephone calls that overwhelmed their system. The described broken website was due to the fact that they had a year's supply of the notice cards printed and the web site wasn't ready for the beginning of the year. I can see from the address that they looked up my address since it wasn't printed in the paper.

Quite surprising that someone took the trouble to do this and give a real explanation instead of a form letter.

Chocolate is health food!

I just read an article about a study done at John Hopkins that shows that eating dark chocolate is similar to aspirin in improving heart health with positive effects on platelet activity. It didn't say how much.

I'd better go shopping.