December 5th, 2006

Moi Jan04

Civic involvement and some good results

I've been reporting from time to time about several of my civic activities in Cambridge - one is to get a new public library, and the other was to get back a dance space in the city as part of a planned Youth and Community center. Last night was a very important City Council meeting because the bond authorizations for the two projects were on the agenda.

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At the public comment period I gave a short speech supporting both projects. I was appointed by the City Manager to the Library committee in May of 1996 and later to the Design Advisory Committee. I have been to more than 100 public meetings on this project. For the Youth & Community I was the representative of the Contra Dancers and only had to go to 6-8 meetings for this project. Prior to the council meeting I attempted to contact most of the City Councillors and did end up speaking to 5 of the 9 of them.

Fortunately Cambridge is a rich city, with the highest municipal bond rating in the country, and relatively low tax rates so these projects are really affordable and acceptable to the voters. Both measures were passed last night. Because it is a bond issue, another vote after public advertisement is needed and that is scheduled for Monday, December 18. And then let the digging begin - and in a couple of years they should be done.