April 27th, 2007


Once there was a tree

Today I had a Norway Maple (a weed tree, that among other things doesn't shed its leaves until early December ) that was crowding my and neighbor's house, not really giving any shade because the houses are tall and close together removed. They also trimmed my sick Sycamore Maple that probably won't last long but among other things had a broken branch caught way up high that was threatening to drop on to the cars below. I should be thinking about replacement for this. Also there are several other Norway Maples in front, one of which is too close to the house.

They saved nothing for potential firewood putting everything through a chipper. When they removed my dying ash trees a few years ago they did save a lot of the wood - to make into baseball bats?


A New Brain

Last night we went to see A New Brain - a musical put on by the Longwood Players in the Cambridge YMCA theatre (only a short walk from home). It's author is William Finn who also wrote The Falsettos and the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

I was led to it because i_f_f is a cast member playing the nice nurse. It was amusing; I kind of like corny musicals with an interesting theme although I don't see many of them. A couple of the cast members were slightly overpowered by the band so not all their words could be heard, but overall it was a good show put on by an amateur/community theatre group and one consequence of this is that tickets prices are low - a rarity these days.

It's only playing through Sunday.