September 9th, 2007


Ah, New England Weather

Yesterday it was a bit over 90 in Gloucester; it was too hot to do any work outside. And it hadn't rained in a few weeks - August had about 1/2 inch of rain. On the way into Boston there was a brief thunder shower and the temperature in my car dropped from 94 to 75 in about 5 miles. A few miles further south it was back up to 90. The Contra Dance in JP was quite hot (band, caller, dancers, and the weather). We did have fans running and it was passible although I drank more water than usual. rsc had stayed in Cambridge on Friday night as well as both of us on Saturday because he had a 40th anniversary reunion of the Harvard Glee Club Asian Tour.

This morning it had cooled off a bit and I went to their concert where among other things they sung about the end of summer (which must have been odd rehearsing yesterday).

We returned to Gloucester, saw .7 in of rain in the rain gauge - there's been quite a bit more since then. The garden can really use it, especially since there is an outside watering ban.

Now it is 59 outside and we are sitting in front of a fire!