January 14th, 2008


A non-scientific experiment: Pancake wrapping

On Sunday when we have either pancakes or waffles we cook one extra set and save them to have a couple of days later with ice cream for an evening dessert snack. They get wrapped in waxed paper and since rsc's wrapping skills don't quite meet my exacting standards, this is my job.

I tried to cure this once with a lesson in pancake wrapping that I used as my performance in the LCFD Dance Camp variety show (we explicitly don't call it a talent show). It wasn't effective; I still do the wrapping.

Recently to demonstrate how easy it is, I've tried doing it different ways. Blindfolded worked pretty well - the result looked as good as normal. It was a bit difficult finding the box of waxed paper though since it is stored among other similar boxes of other wrappings. I tried it with one hand; there was a bit of difficulty keeping the folds down while reaching for the end of the waxed paper. I've yet to try it with my left hand. Yesterday I tried it with two hands behind my back. It didn't work too well; the paper got kind of crumpled up and there is a small gap in the wrapping where you can see a waffle and at one point one of the waffles seemed to get slightly folded up. It was hampered a bit by a slightly crowded counter. I'll have to try this again - it was easier with pancakes than waffles because they are a bit smaller so I will wait until they are up. If this is successful I guess one hand behind my back might be next.