April 18th, 2008



rsc just posted about the memorial service for his Mother which includes a family picture from 1956.

Now it just so happens that in the summer of 1957 (among other years) I was a camp counsellor at Camp Tacoma Pines in Maine (long since defunct) and in my cabin was a camper, Dan Coren. Little did I know that 14 years later I would meet his brother who is now my husband!

I'm on the left, Dan is on the right.
I wonder where all those other people are?
moi 1946

a report card

I have several boxes of memorabilia left by my mother including a lot of stuff about/by her mother. One of these days I'l like to do something with some of this stuff but I did scan a few things today. Included in this set is a report card a bit more ancient that this one that rsc just posted.

I note that there are currently PS 17s in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. I'm pretty sure that she went to school in Manhattan and that they lived in the lower east side. Of course lots does change in 121 years.