June 13th, 2008


Indigenous architecture

Termites are very common; they build huge nests. The nest is frequently twice as deep as the pile is high and some mounds were about 8 feet high. Termites are apparently very efficient in that they eat and re-eat everything several times to extract all nutritional aspects of their food and then use the remainder to construct their nest.

There are also many Weaver birds who make quite handsome nests on trees. Sometimes you see a tree with 30 - 50 nests.

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And then here is one form of house from one of the many Tanzanian tribes.

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Giraffes on the Serengeti and elsewhere

Giraffes were often seen in the distance. Sometimes they were standing there doing nothing, others were bent down grazing or reaching up into trees as they are designed to do.

Head and body with beautiful pattern (not the same giraffe):

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And then there was this pair found in a shop at the Cultural Center. Many shops also had carved ones some of which were almost life size - not too convenient for carry-on luggage in the plane back.

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