June 21st, 2008


A male lion

Most of the lions we saw were female, but we did get a lot of time with this male. He was apparently quite used to these vehicles and wasn't phased by their presence. Of course, no-one went out to "check the tires" in this place. In fact he did go check them himself by pissing on the tire of one of the vehicles when he passed by. It was pretty hot out there and when lying down he was panting at a pretty good rate. We didn't offer him any water.

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You can see why you wouldn't want to be in his mouth. Although he could use some whitening, I doubt if there are many dentists for lions.


Andrew Goodman: Nov 23, 1943 - June 21, 1964

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Andrew Goodman. He was one of the three civil rights activists who were murdered in Philadelphia Mississippi during Freedom Summer. The story was made into the movie: Mississippi Burning. 41 years after his death there was a manslaughter conviction of one of the perpetrators. A wikipedia article.

In 1958 I was a councillor at Camp Tacoma Pines (now defunct) in Litchfield, Me. The junior councillor assigned to my cabin was Andy Goodman.

I'm third from the left in the bottom row and Andy is fourth from the left. I wonder where all those kids are now; I can remember most of their names. It was a nice bunch of kids and Andy was a really good guy.