June 29th, 2008


Some sunsets and controlled burning

Since we were often out on game drives late in the afternoon we saw quite a few sunsets. Here are two from different areas with pretty different characteristic.s

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The people there do lots of controlled burning which serves several purposes. After burning the grass, new grass sprouts up within a few days which is very popular among the animals, many of which don't like the really dried out stuff. In addition it prevents wildfires from spreading which can be quite a hazard. This hillside had lots of burning and you could smell the smoke. You can see a bit of the fire in the foreground as well. It was somewhat near the lodge, but by the time we arrived there the fires were too far away to create any odor. We did encounter some of this burning in Yosemite when we visited there in April as it is a common technique for forest/plains management. I remember the controversy in 1988 when there were many our-of-controlwildfires in Yellowstone that they were not able to extinguish.