July 2nd, 2008


View of Toledo

One of my favorite paintings from the Metropolitain Museum of Art (NY) is in the El Greco and other Spanish painter show at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston (closing July 27). I'm a big El Greco fan and there were quite a few others in the show.


Many birds

We saw lots of birds. I'm not into identifying them so I can't remember many names. I do like looking at them though. In our vehicle, Mary was a serious birder with good binoculars, an East African Bird Book, and often consulted with Philip, our driver/guide who knew many and had several books with him. This gallery contains some of the ones we saw with identification, mostly by rsc who wasn't always sure.

This one is a ground hornbill.

Gallery is here

Yes, I can identify robins, blue jays, cardinals, and some other common New England birds. I often read the Audubon listing in the Boston Globe to see if they've made up some new birds which in my opinion they frequently do or if they don't I do such as the greater atlantic spotted blue crested grebe.