February 1st, 2009

WS Ticket

We are not the target market

OK, we watched the SuperBowl today. It was as it turns out a very exciting game with two changes of winners in the last couple of minutes. It took a whle to figure out who I was rooting for. We ended up rooting for Arizona (who lost) and rsc pointed out that if McCain had won we would definitely have rooted for Pittsburgh.

But, the ads. They were pretty awful. I was surprised at all the movie ads including some movies that aren't opening until June. I don't remember what they were and they all looked like must-not-sees to me. It is sometimes an interesting challenge while watching these ads trying to figure out what they might be advertising.

And we had to watch a bit of Bruce Springsteen, too. Oh well. It was an elaborate show with cheering fans on the field, holding lights as were many of the fans in the stands.

Twenty-five things

Lots of inconsequential things - mostly a long time ago.

1. I spent a night in jail in Lewiston Maine. Not arrested, but I'd wrecked my car and the cops told us that if we hitched and they caught us which they would then we'd be booked so we stayed the night in a jail cell.

2. I caddied for Hiram Bingham for several weeks; he was an ex-governor and senator from CT, and not known to me at the time, the discoverer of Machu Picchu.

3. I painted my first car, a 1940 Chevy, with a brush. It looked OK.

4. I've been down in about a dozen caves in Vermont.

5. I still have a telephone with a dial that works.

6. I made a record of me playing Massenet's the Argonaise. I've lost it.

7. My first job was raising and lowering a flag for a neighbor everyday one summer.

8. I knelt on the floor and needle in the rug went into my knee and broke off. The local doctor tried to get it out using a fluoroscope but didn't succeed. The scar finally disappeared.

9. I went down in a coal mine in Wilkes Barre, PA. It was the highlight of a high school trip.

10. My first job as a treasurer was for my high school newspaper. I've held many treasurerships since then.

11. I milked a cow in Otis, MA - not bad for a city boy in 3rd grade.

12. I bought the engagement ring for my then-to-be wife in a gas station vending machine for $.25. I still have it.

13. I have some clothes that are at least 40 years old and they still fit.

14. The only dog I every owned was a Welsh Terrier named Huey. I wanted to name him Dewey but my mother objected - not because he was a duck but a Republican.

15. I went out to the store twice to buy ingredients for a recipe that had only four ingredients.

16. I went out for my high school track team but soon saw the light and became assistant manager instead.

17. I was a frequent driver of the summer camp truck taking campers to various places; also taking trash t the dump.

18. A photo of me was in Popular Photography illustrating how easy it is to take pictures; I was holding a camera.

19. One day while at MIT a few friends of mine decide to walk 40 miles. We headed south from Brookline starting at 3am. Somebody came to pick us up.

20. I only stayed up all night once - mostly playing three-cushion billiards to keep awake.

21. The vending machine in the dorm gave free chocolate milk one night. We laced it with gin.

22. I was an organizer of some entertainment in my MIT dorm and we booked Odetta once and Theodore Bikel once - before they were famous.

23. I went to a club in the Village one night and saw this brand new standup comic: Woody Allen.

24. I damaged the rivets in an aluminum canoe once while going down rapids and it started leaking. Pine pitch worked as a temporary patch.

25. On the way back from Montreal from Expo 67 my car was searched at the border looking for cuban products.

26. I don't tag people.