August 3rd, 2009


Visit to 300 year old house

The White-Ellery House was built in 1709 or 1710 on the Gloucester Common. In 1947 when Route 128 was constructed it was moved to get out of the way and set nearby. Last year it got new siding and a new roof and a few years ago a bit of interior work was done, but otherwise it is pretty intact from when it was last used. It is named White-Ellery since the original resident was the first Gloucester minister John White and later for abut 200 years various generations of the Ellery family lived there. It is open for viewing on the first saturday of the month and I finally got to stop by this time. To increase interest in attracting visitors they have a resident artist with a few works. This time it was a textile artist and one of the exhibits was a yellow woven band in and outside the house with little tags showing where she was at each section - during a trip to Italy. There are also some historical photos displayed inside the house. The house is unfurnished.

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