November 17th, 2010

with camera

Museo de la Nación

We arrived in Lima late in night (2 am) and after getting our luggage and clearing customs and immigration went to the hotel which was right there. The next morning we, Ken McFarland who is the trip organizer, and Ralph and Ka7 who were the other two people who arrived several days early went into Lima to the Museo de la Nación. It is one of thew archeological museums in Lima and had some pretty terrific of ceramics made by Moche, Wari, and Nasca people who lived in various regions of Peru in the first millenium.

Here is a Flickr album of a bunch of them.

I thought this picture particularly striking. It is someone typing up a list of the order that bodies will be picked up after a massacre by the Shining Path that occurred on Dec 3, 1989 in the town of Orurillo.

The museum itself is a big modern concrete mass (too bad since there are some really nice buildings in Lima) but the inside has some interesting views. Here is one.