November 28th, 2010


On the Way to Machu Picchu

I saw some photographs of Machu Picchu about 45 years ago and knew that I wanted to go there. Finally we did and set off on the train from Cusco on the morning of Nov 4. We were supposed to go in March after our trip to the Galapagos but severe rain storms in January washed out the railroad and closed the resort.

Here is the first view as we came in the entrance:

I must tell a side story from long ago. When I was about 12 years old I was visiting a friend in NW Connecticut at the end of the summer and the golf course needed some caddies. I went there and there these four elderly gentlemen who needed caddies. I became the caddy of one of them and he introduced himself as Hiram Bingham. I caddied for him a few days. I learned that he had been the governor of Connecticut and also a Senator; he and his friends talked about political stuff a lot. (I don't remember how well he played golf.) It was only some years later that I learned that his real fame was the discovery of Machu Picchu in 1911.

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