December 25th, 2010


The work force has assembled

As usual everyone comes down for Christmas to see the tree.

Left-right - Top Row:
Ludwig, Lawrence, Samuel, (Halcyon, Cerulean, Azure), Wurlitzer, Alexander, Percy, Chesterfield, Prentice, Llewellyn, Toby, Edward, Miss Griggles

Bottom Row:
Xavier, Daniel, Schoenberg, T.J., Marcus, Bartholomew, McAllister, Steven, Eggleston, Roland, Sebastian, Roderick, Martha, Woolly, Teddy, Aristotle, Rutherford, Guinea Pigs 1&2, James, Kropotkin, Agamemnon, Xerxes, Balboa, Julius, Torrington, Quentin, Andrew, Paul, Stirling, Freddie, Burningbright, Timothy, Balthazar, Ulysses, Martin, Michael