April 2nd, 2011


Vatican Museum

Last month as part of our visit to Rome on the way to Egypt we went to the nearby foreign country, The Vatican. No passports or IDs were needed. The main entrance is open and is St Peter's Square. The Vatican Museum has an entry on a side street. We got tickets to the museum ahead of time (you make a reservation for a specific time) which saves waiting in the buy-ticket line which was moderately long and I heard can take 2 hours during the summer.

This museum is just crammed full of art. We didn't see it all since there is just too much to take in at once. We went through the sequence of many rooms with signs leading to the Sistine Chapel. You almost get the idea that who needs the Sistine Chapel with all this stuff on the way - I hoped it wont be a let down - it wasn't.

Early in the museum we went up a ramp and there were a large number of boats in display cases. A sample is here.

When we got to the MapRoom we found the walls covered with maps and other art, the ceiling full of paintings, and various sculptures on the floor.

These pictures hardly do it justice.

Street art and odd machinery

Our hotel (Albergo Cesàri) had an old typewriter (remember what these are?) and some sewing and laundry equipment scattered around. The building supposedly has been a hotel since 1787. It was well located between the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain on a quiet street that had no car traffic but some restaurants with street seating nearby.

Some of the machinery seen in the hotel and at various points in the streets. Loosely calling door knockers machinery as well as this object made of green yarn:

We also so lots of people on the street constructing art. Several people were carving animals and flowers out of carrots. We saw people with cans of spray paint making paintings and others bending metal wire into various objects. Plus a couple of weird things including this guy in green.