January 1st, 2012


Where I slept in 2011

Cambridge, MA
Gloucester, MA
Philadelphia, PA
Alitalia 615 BOS->FCO
Rome, Italy
Cairo / Heliopolis / Giza, Egypt
SS Karim, on Nile
Luxor, Egypt
San Francisco, CA
Aptos, CA
Burlingame, CA
N. Woodstock, CT
New York City, NY
Seattle, WA
Wilgus St Park - Weathersfield, VT
Becket, MA
White River Jct., VT

- bed
- couch
- on ground in tent
- aIrplane seat

Drug price disparity

More absurdity - this time on drug prices.
What other thing can you buy with such disparity of prices? I see a 34 - 1 ratio of high to low prices at the same store!

I take 20mg of Simvastatin (a cholesterol drug) every day.

I paid .20 a pill at my HMO
An Internet search reveals

.11 at Costco
.54 at Planetdrugsdirect.com
.61 APEX pharmacy (1.22 if you only get 30)
1.68 at ByLowDrugs (Australia and a few others)

For Zocor, the non-generic version:
$2.24 CanadaDrugs.com
$3.73 CanAmerica
$5.38 at Costco
.58 at NorthWest Pharmacy