July 25th, 2012


Asheville, NC

We spent several days in Asheville, NC before going to Boone for the Motss Con. The main reason why we chose Asheville was to go to the Biltmore Estate. We walked around Asheville a few times and it is one of the nicest small cities I ever visited. There were lots of little restaurants, shops, galleries, stuff stores, people on the streets - even at 10 o'clock at night.

We stayed in a very nice B&B, the Beaufort House Inn. They had a very nice garden and it was located quite near the main section of town. The breakfast was excellent and only two courses - some of thwse B&Bs try to outdo themselves and serve much too much food. while we were there there was a small family reunion gathering (5 couples) and they were all very nice and friendly and invited us to sit with them out on the porch. They had a family wedding a few years ago at a B&B and decided to do this regularly. One of them said, something like now that we've gotten older we discover that we actually like each other.

The tall thin building below had a set of gargoyles on the top. Lots of interesting stuff in store windows including a sleeping cat with a fancy ribbon. The food was the small plates we had at Cafe Posana. The sewing machine was in the hall in the B&B.

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