February 16th, 2013


Grand Palace and Wat Pho

The Grand Palace is a huge complex of buildings and has been the official residence of the king for a very long time; not all of it is open to the public. The current king actually lives elsewhere in Bangkok but the Grand Palace is used for official events. Next to it is Wat Pho which among other things contains a 43  metre long Reclining Buddha - I only have a picture of the head and the feet since it was impossible to get the whole thing. Wat Pho contain more than 1,000 Buddha images.

These two places are close to the river, and conveniently near our hotel. These were essentially the only places we visited on the 3rd day in Bangkok before traversing to the airport hotel in preparation for the next morning flight to Cambodia. The photo above is one of the several huge murals.

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In Wat Pho is a Temple that is used as a massage school among other things. While we there there was a long line of people dropping coins into a series of bowls.