July 14th, 2014


Bed control button

On each side of the hospital bed is a control thàt raises and lowers the bed. Above. Is the call button. I am not suposed to turn my neck.

Often if I try feel out the contours which are not very clear to get right one I hit theCall button.

We taped a little blob on the right one. Left is next.

Hospital Bed Engineering

Here is our design modification to the hospital bed control that raises and lowers the head minimizing the chance of erroneously hitting the staff call button. The existing panels have very little contours or ridges that can be felt to determine which button will be touched. For people who can't see because a wide range restrictions this can be challenging. And depending on the amount to bed raising, the angle of presentation will vary. Only for horizontal head level is this a close toō horizontal orientation.

Now off to file the patent....