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Frederick Law Olmstead

We finally got around to watching the PBS documentary Frederick Law Olmstead special we had Tivoed in May. It was a well-worth spent hour.

Growing up on Manhattan across the street from Central Park (near Stuart Little's sailboat pond) I have enjoyed much of Central Park which is really an incredible place. In Boston there is the Emerald Necklace and the Arnold Arboretum. Last year we went to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I had no idea he and Calvert Vaux and later followed by Olmstead's two sons designed so many parks and academic campuses in so many places in the US and Canada. What an incredible legacy they left for so many to enjoy. They were clearly great designers and understand the political and publicity side of getting things like this done.

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Have you ever seen a British Mini-series called FLAMBARDS? It was made in 1978.

It's quite good!

I put the DVD set on my want list at the public library so I won't forget.

Very good! I have it on dvd and vhs.

It's a period piece; it takes place in England during 1910 to 1920.

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