August 28th, 2016


Trip to Seattle and Fairbanks, AK

At the beginning of this month we took a trip to Seattle and Fairbanks, Alaska.

In Seattle we met up with various soc-motss and LJ friends, took in a RedSox Mariners game, went to the Seattle Underground Tour, rode the Great Wheel, took a harbor ferry cruise.

We visited susandennis and got to see her month's work of bears and dolls, and also went with her to the baseball game - which is just a short work from her apartment.

We started the Fairbanks trip with a vist to Denali Park. The weather was a bit hazy, but we did get to see the Denali peak in the clouds. Plus bears, moose, caribou, and Dall sheep.

In Fairbanks we stayed with Ken McFarland and Dennis Rogers. Ken is the trip organizer whose many trips we have been on. Among othere things we went to the Georgeson Botanical Garden, the Large Animal Research station, the U of Alaska Museum of the Nortg, the Creamers waterfowl reserve, and the Antique Auto musum. We got to see the pipleine.

A portion of Ken and Dennis's garden.

And there will be mnore posts with pictures.

The Seattle Underground Tour

In Pioneer Square (Seattle) we took the Bill Speidel UndergroundTour. It had lots of old artifacts and the narrator described an important piece of Seattle's history. Much of the town was built too low relative to the water table and there was lots of flooding from the river, rotten wood, etc. A massive rebuilding project was instituted to raise the level, and to use stone foundations instead of wooden ones. The tour was very interesting and well worth it.

I suppose in the future as the sea level rises there will be potential for many more instances of tours like this - especially in the Miami Beach area.

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