January 1st, 2017


Where I slept in 2016

Lots of travel this year. A trip to Mérida, Mexico for among other things 3 evenings of Contra Dancing in the Mérida Festival; Saratoga Springs for the Dance Flurry; New Orleans for the soc.motss Con; Woodstock, CT for LCFD Spring Dance Camp; San Francisco and Monte Toyon for Queer Dance Camp; two trips to NYC for 2 60th High School Reunions; Seattle, Denali Park, and Fairbanks; Budapest and Prague; Becket, MA for LCFD Fall Dance Camp.

At home in Cambridge and Gloucester

La Quinta hotel near airport in Houston
Hotel Doralba in Mérida, Mexico for visiting Brooks, and dancing to the calling of Linda Leslie and the music of Linda Henry and Amy Richardson Larkin - local to here.

Embassy Suites in Saratoga Springs for Dance Flurry (our first one - we're going again in 2017)

Hotel St. Pierre in French Quarter, New Orleans for soc.motss Con - XXIX

Park 55 Hotel in San Francisco
Monte Toyon for Queer Dance Camp
The Dylan near SFO

YMCA Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, CT for LCFD Gender-Free Dance Camp

Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC (two consecutive weekends for Fieldston-Ethical and Dalton reunions)

Executive Hotel Pacific in Seattle
Grand Denali Lodge in Denali Park
Ken McFarland and Dennis Roger's guest house in Fairbanks, AK

Lufthansa LH421 BOS->FRA
Bohem Art Hotel in Budapest
Hotel Sovereign in Prague

YMCA Camp Chimney Corners in Becket, MA for LCFD Gender-Free Dance Camp
Us May 09

Where I danced in 2016

My count of days I went Contra Dancing or English Country Dancing in 2016 was 92 - only 90 for Robert rsc who didn't come on my 2 reunion trips to NYC.

At Regular Dance Series

17: Gender Free Contra Dance in Jamaica Plain
23: Gender Free English Country Dance in Jamaica Plain
19: BIDA Contra dance in Cambridge
8: Scout House in Concord, MA
4: Harvard Square English
1: Cape Ann Contra dance
1: Brooklyn Contra
1: Village Contra in NYC

At Dance Weekends and other trips
3: in Mérida, Mexico at the Mérida Festival
3: Dance Flurry in Saratoga Springs, NY
3: NEFFA - New England Folk Festival in Mansfield, MA
3: SFBQC: Queer Contra Dance Camp in Aptos, CA
3: LCFD Spring Dance Camp in Woodstock, CT
3: LCFD Fall Dance Camp in Becket, MA

As of now in addition to the US, we have danced in Greece, Italy, Ireland, Egypt, Tanzania, (don't remember if we danced in Kenya), Chile, Peru, Myanmar, Australia, and Mexico. (The dance we would have gone to in New Zealand was cancelled as was the trip to Denmark).