March 6th, 2020

Us May 09

Guana Island

We've been home a few days from our week at Guana Island. Guana is a ~850 acre island with hills, wonderful beaches, an orchard that they use for the kitchen, a salt pond that has a few flamingos (this year there 2, sometimes 3, or 4 - last year there were about 30. And Rock Iguanas running around. They have at most 30 guests - there were very few this time. This was our 24th trip there - we go about 2 out of 3 years so our first trip there was in 1983 - many of the other guests are also repeats and since we go at about the same time we always see people we know.

The owner is very committed to preserving the place - it was mangled in the 2018 hurricane, and all rebuilt. He also is into wildlife preservation, and hosts a scientists' month in late summer. The reef in front of white beach - where we swim isn't in good shape. There were few fish swiming around and we saw just one pelican - there used to be many diving.

The lodgings are up a hill - about 200 ft high, and ours was another 80-100 so we got lots of exercise. We always always walk up and down - on the road and several trails.

It is a beautiful tranquil place.

Here is a sunset view from the terrace of our room:

What you see when sitting at a dining table:

View across Salt Pond of lodging:

Salt Pond and White Beach: