April 26th, 2020

moi 1946

My report card from when I was 4 1/2 years old

117 East 93rd Street

Name: John Gintell
Group: Four Year Old
Report for School Year ending: May 28, 1943

1) Social Adjustment: A leader, but needs to accept others suggestions. Hard to reason with. Not always generous about sharing play materials. Makes friends easily.

2) Emotional Adjustment: Rather high strung, No apparent fears. A boaster.

3) Habits of Work: Concentration good, Improved in ability to use hands. Intellectually inclined.

4) Ability in Physical activities: Good. Very active. Coordination good, No fears.

5) Ability and Interest in Art, Woodwork, Rhythms: Interest in all activities,. Musical. Gained control in Rhythms,. Dramatic, & has good imagination.

6) Achievement in Reading, Writing , Arithmetic Spelling, French: Johnny is very advanced for his age, although physically small. Since he doesn’t tire easily, and has an excellent mind, it might be wise for him to be in First Grade next season, He is very much interested in the approaches to First Grade work, and shows considerable ability. It might calm him a bit to have more mental stimulation and since he is so capable, & such a boss, it would be good for him to be with children slightly older than himself.

Elizabeth Kelsey
June 19 1943