December 26th, 2020


Listening to records on Christmas day

We normally have WQXR or WCRB on listening to classical music in the background but since we were tired of Christmas music and too much talking so I decided to listen to some of our records. We have many of them. Last year we listened to one and for a number of years it was none. Of course we also have lots of CDs that we rarely listen to.

Yesterday it was 15 of them in a pretty broad range of genres. Not in the exact order but close:

Christmas in the New World by The Western World - North and Latin American Christmas music

Palestrina: Missa Hodie Christus Natus Est & Six Motets - King's College Choir

A Ceremony of Carols and other Britten - Robert Shaw Chorale

Long Time Ago - The Quadrivium, an early music group that I was a member of and one of the performers in this record.

Don Alfonso the Wise, Music of Medieval Spain -Trio Live Oak, a "spin-off" from the Quadrivium

A Coat of Many Colors , Songs of the Sephardim, Vol II by Voice of the Turtle, another Quadrivium "spin-off"

Musica Antiqua Slovac - Prague Madrigalists

Jacob Obrecht, Pierre de la Rue Motetten - ProCantione Antiqua

Harp of Joy - The Chancel Choir of Plymoth Church, Shaker Heights

A boy was born - The Boston Cecilia Chorus; Robert was a member and on this record

Turkey, songs and dances of Turkey - singers and ensembles of Radio Ankara

Goofing-Off Suite - Pete Seeger

Demolition Derby - Sandy Bull (only listened to a couple of cuts of this)

Greenhouse - Leo Kottke (side one only)

Abbey Road - Beatles