February 7th, 2021


Our meals/shopping system - shopping/dishwashing

We have very regular system for meals: planning, shopping, preparation, eating.

Our shopping system is to usually go every four days - triggered by needing food for dinner. it is usually me (before the plague I often went shopping after I went to the gym) and these days often when Robert is practicing singing. We keep a list right by the dining table in the kitchen and add things when we notice them. We have a nice shopping cart/bag with wheels so it easy to bring the groceries home by foot for the few blocks from the store.

One problem with the list is that I have trouble writing bananananananananananas....and fitting it on the page. And today I put Maypole Spyrits on the list when I saw we are getting low on maple syrup. And I always have to decide if it yogurt or yoghurt.

For certain items like bottles of olive oil we have a spare bottle in the closet and when the current one is emptied and the spare is brought into the kitchen we add olive oil to the list so we never run out of important stuff.

We keep what we call emergency food in the freezer - such as pizza - for times when we don't have suitable food to cook or the schedule is bad - such as today with the SuperBowl starting at 6:30.

And there always canned soup and tuna fish in the closet plus a few other things.

Breakfast is when we get up - usually a bit after 8 - our people companions who are in bed try to persuade us to not get up so that causes a bit of delay. Normal lunch hour is 1pm. Cocktails at 6 and dinner at 7+ a few minutes.

Our dishwashing habit is to always wash the dishes after breakfast, not after lunch, and after dinner when cooking is done. The person who doesn't cook or prepare is the dishwasher. Washing in the sink, drying in the rack - never had a dishwasher. Occasionally if too many dishes are piled up in the sink an extra round of dishwashing is done at some point.