March 2nd, 2021


Our meals/shopping system - miscellaneous

We deviate from our standard system for various reasons.

For birthdays we usually dine out at a nice local restaurant - but didn't last year of course.

For Christmas and Thanksgiving, some special occasions, and when we have guests for dinner we dine in the dining room using my mother's (actually grandmother's) china and silverware. Bread and butter plates, separate salad plates. Candles, cloth napkins. And wine. Water is served in a pitcher.

And as mentioned in the breakfast post, on holidays such as President's day we have an egg dish instead of the usual.

And back when it was safe we sometimes ate at a restaurant - sometimes for no particular reason other than we felt like it.

For nights when we go to dances we usually eat in some casual place near the dance sometimes bringing the food back to the dance space to eat there.

We have a bunch of rotation conventions:
- weekday breakfast cerials: 4 kinds, keep in order so they don't fall on the same day each week
- cocktail crackers we have 5 different typs running and use 2 each time, rotating, so the pairings change
- for crackers and jam, I rotate 3 kinds of crackers and 4 kinds of jam
- but 7 kinds of coffee/tea cups so they map onto the same day - the Boston Cecilia cups are for monday because that is when rehearsals were when Robert was in the group.
- meat/seafood, vegetables, lunch salads, have no particular choice order, similarly for cocktails.
- my tea choices for saturday - monday are fixed, the others are random.