JWG (jwg) wrote,

The Lighthouse by Peter Maxwell Davies

Last night we went to see the Boston Lyric Opera's production of The Lighthouse by Peter Maxwell Davies.

It is a pretty fascinating work and it was really well done. The singers: tenor, baritone, bass/baritone were all very good and had a small orchestra. Our seats were only ab out 8 feet away from the gong which is rung near the end. The instrumentation includes an out-of-tune upright piano, a banjo, and several flexatones. I particularly liked the banjo / fiddle / percussion piece. How many operas have banjos in them.?The set and lighting were very fitting. The venue is the JFK library - chosen probably because of the view of the sea.

It's nice that the BLO is doing a mix of classical operas - the next one is Barber of Seville, and some modern adventurous ones as well.

This one runs until Sunday, the 12th.

Part of another production

Tags: music, the arts, theatre

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