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The Lighthouse by Peter Maxwell Davies

Last night we went to see the Boston Lyric Opera's production of The Lighthouse by Peter Maxwell Davies.

It is a pretty fascinating work and it was really well done. The singers: tenor, baritone, bass/baritone were all very good and had a small orchestra. Our seats were only ab out 8 feet away from the gong which is rung near the end. The instrumentation includes an out-of-tune upright piano, a banjo, and several flexatones. I particularly liked the banjo / fiddle / percussion piece. How many operas have banjos in them.?The set and lighting were very fitting. The venue is the JFK library - chosen probably because of the view of the sea.

It's nice that the BLO is doing a mix of classical operas - the next one is Barber of Seville, and some modern adventurous ones as well.

This one runs until Sunday, the 12th.

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Was that a rhetorical question, or do you really want to know how many operas have banjos in them? Not that I know the answer off the top of my head or anything. Obviously, Porgy and Bess comes immediately to mind, but I also wonder what else.

Edited at 2012-02-10 02:49 pm (UTC)

Have just been Googling. Not a terrible lot out there, but it seems The Threepenny Opera has a banjo in it. But perhaps we consider that more musical theatre than opera?

I'd say it is pretty hard to figure where to draw the line between musical theatre and opera.

It was a rhetorical question.

BTW, I saw a soprano trombone at the MFA yesterday and the caption said something like there was no classical music scored for it.

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