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Guana Island trip - 2012

We were at Guana Island in the BVI for a week, returning on Wednesday night. This was our 19th trip over thirty years to this lovely place. It is a private island resort with at most 30 guests on an 800 acre island with some nice beaches and hiking opportunities. The food and ambiance are excellent. We often see guests that we've seen before, although this time we didn't. We had lots of nice chats and meals with some of the guests (meals are family style). And the staff is all very nice.

They always take a picture of you when you leave - holding a hibiscus flower that you discard when the boat to the airport leaves. This is the picture from our 1985 stay. I couldn't find the 1983 book which was our first trip.

When the boat from the airport approaches the island you can see a rock formation through the gap that looks like an Iguana head - thus the name of the island. This painting is hanging in the living room and is by Louis Bigelow - the original owner of the island who created the resort.

Some views of the island - from our porch or nearby (click below)

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All these posts and photos over the years make me want to go, so I checked out their website and rates. Maybe when they offer the opera-singer discount, or maybe for a honeymoon one day… I hope they're still operating by the time I can afford them!

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