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Guana Island - a few more things

This was our leaving-the-island picture. In spite of my t-shirt there are no zebras on the island. (I note that in the 1985 picture, Robert's t-shirt has zebras.-

As usual we had a great time here. As I often say, there is nothing to do and not enough time to do it. Swimming, snorkeling, lounging around, staring at the scenery, eating, mixing your own drinks (honor tab system at the bar), socializing with other guests, seeing the wildlife, hiking, going to the little museum, reading, playing croquet are all things we did. There is also tennis, and boats to use if you want. We'll be back again next year.

Here are two views of the hill with several of the houses where guests stay. The watercolor is by Louis Bigelow, who with his wife, Beth, was the creator and first owner of the resort starting in 1935. The island was first settled by two Quaker families in the 18th century and the ruins of several buildings including a sugar mill remain. The island is now owned by Henry and Gloria Jarecki, who are very committed to preservation and conservation activities on the island elsewhere.

Several houses have been built for the family but are rentable. No-one was there for several days so we took a quick look at the latest one (Jost House). These columns help hold up the roof of one of the porches. There is a tortoise pen next to this house. All the houses are named after islands: Anegada, Barbados, Camano, Dominica, Eleuthera, Fallen Jerusalem, Grenada, (Harbor House -not an island), and Jost House. We stayed in Fallen Jerusalem, but have stayed in all the a-g's except Eleuthera.

I liked this rock with seaweed clinging to it.


Here is a slowed down not-too-good clip of a Pelican landing. Note how it turns around 180 degrees as it hits the water.
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