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Us May 09


Our dishwasher is us. We have a set of rules to determine when to wash them and who does them.

In simple terms:

- the person who doesn't fix breakfast (determined by who gets up second) washes whatever is in the sink at the end of breakfast.

- no-one washes lunch dishes.

- if we eat left-overs for dinner, no-one washes.

- if someone cooks, the other person washes dishes.

Tonight we had the situation where we mixed some left-overs in a frying pan and added something. Two questions: was that cooking? and since we both did something: who cooked? Another question had to do with the fact that when we cook, water is served in glass glasses with ice-cubes and when we eat leftovers the water is served in plastic glasses. Tough decision. I decreed that it was cooking and that Robert was the cook (he was the idea man for this) so I washed the dishes. That will give me less incentive to get up first tomorrow. And we had water in glass glasses, but I compromised and only put in 2 ice-cubes instead of the normal 3 since the cooking was done using left-overs. I did wash all the dishes.

Some readers know that we have some archaic rules such as I wash dishes when we use the first floor kitchen and Robert does them when we use the second floor kitchen. I made up this rule of course since we don't have a first floor kitchen. There are several slips of paper lying around with rules like this although I don't know where they are - hmm, I wonder why?

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What if you get up second but decide to skip breakfast and go directly to a brunch of leftovers?

OMG math is hard.

We never skip breakfast. And we always do the breakfast dishes, because we want to make sure that the coffee-maker parts are available for the next breakfast, no matter what happens in between.

And, by the way, John did get up second today.

oh the coffee maker ... yeah I forgot that. very important.

i got no idea why, but i love all this... the ice cube rules particularly. it all just tickles me.

We could learn SO MUCH from you two.

I've been saying for a while that I want us to be just like them when we grow up.

New .con activity: The RoJo Cohabitation Rules Workshop?

I like this- and rules are important to a relationship.

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