JWG (jwg) wrote,

Guerrilla Contra in Davis Square

Last night we went to a Guerilla Contra dance in Davis Square (Somerville, MA). It was organized by Jeff Kaufman who has done a few of these.

It was lots of fun and a big success - lots of people seemed to be having a good time. Most of the time we had about 30 people dancing in two short lines. The band had various combinations of 4-6 fiddles, several penny whistles, 2 accordians, a guitar, string base, mandolin, and a stroh violin. We were on brick sidewalk with various unevenness so there was a bit of challenge.

There were lots of onlookers and a few of them joined in. I tried to these folks to join in by they were unmoved.

Below is a brief video that someone took.

Tags: contra dance

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