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Us May 09

At Dance camp last weekend

Last weekend was Spring Dance Camp. It takes place at a YMCA Camp in Connecticut. As usual we had a great time with lots of great Contra Dancing and English Country Dancing, the variety show, and lots of hanging around.

There was a small baseball field - Fenway park looked a bit like this a few years before its more recent renovations - they even had a net on the top of the wall:

In a Yurt where we had a few dance sessions there was this amusing banner from last summer.

And there was a band session out on the dock.

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(Deleted comment)
It's a kid's camp with dorms (where most of stay when we are there since they have heat and bathrooms) and cabins. Several years ago they built 3 Yurts - labeled New Yurt City. Two of them have beds; we used the third one. I'd guess the kids who lived there did this - the blobs don't look like butt-imprints to me and I'd guess if they were they'd have been removed. The camp literature says that the Yurts are for teens - aged 14-15.

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