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What happens when you let stuff grow!

When we bought our summer house in Gloucester in 1978 it was pretty barren in front. 25 years of letting trees grow up and letting flowers wild and tame grow made quite a change.

I'm bringing this picture to my Library Design Advisory Committee meeting tonight whose main subject is the landscaping/park scheme to illustrate the difference between plans and (action). There is a similar problem today since the trees in front of the old building which weren't there when it was built obscure much of it.

Gloucester House 2003
As it appeared in the summer of 2003

Gloucester House 1975
As it appeared in the summer of ~1975
(clever birds can still find the birdbath).

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Seems like even the rocks multiplied all over the place.

Wow! What a difference time and effort make!

Some of this is more the result of time and lack of effort.

Does the birdbath still see action? The conventional wisdom is that it should be in an open area but note that not all open areas are created equally.

So we've heard. But it does get visited. We try to keep the honeysuckle shrubs from completely overwhelming it.

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