JWG (jwg) wrote,

Sheep in Ireland

Sheep were ubiquitous in the fields. Often you'd see these white specs in the distance as we drove by and they were sometimes rocks, but more frequently they were sheep. They often were in quite inhospitable conditions on hillsides. As I recall from some earlier farm experiences, sheep will eat almost anything. And the fields which which were delineated with stone walls created when people cleared the land had lots of grass or grass-like substances growing in this mid-May period - and one need not worry about drought, The patches of colored dye sometimes mark what type of inoculations the sheep were given. Also I was told by one of the bus-drivers that sometimes males wear dye-pouches so that the farmer can see who was impregnated by whom.

The gift shops had some pretty nice sweaters with interesting stitch patterns. I bought none since I rarely wear them and have a bunch, mostly knitted by my mother in the '60s and '70's.

Some pictures of sheep - click here:
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