JWG (jwg) wrote,

Now for a nice relaxing day

On Friday afternoon I went to BGALA, the BGLT MIT alumni reception. Saw a few people I already knew from various situations including Stan Zanarotti who introduced me to a couple of people: "this is John - he was my boss for a summer ~25 years ago on the Multics project".

On Saturday morning we had the annual (22nd one) Pride brunch in City Hall. I've been one of the organizers of this (it used to be the Cambridge Lavender Alliance - political org - with the Mayor's office; now it is the GLBT Commission with the Mayor's office). I was MC + I gave a short speech outlining the work of the Commission. Among other things we gave a Recognition Award to Alice Wolf, a Cambridge state rep who is not running for reelection; she was the Mayor during the first one of these events and has been very supportive of GLBT issues in the City Council when she was a member of it and the legislature. Also we gave an award to the Mass Transgender Political Coalition for achieving passage of a Transgender Rights bill this year. An award was also given to a Cambridge High School student and we gave the Bayard Rustin award (for a person of color who has done lots of work for the GLBT community as Bayard Rustin did many years ago, to Priscilla Lee - among many other things Priscilla was a GLBT Commissioner for a few years ago.

After this we bussed down to the Pride March where we walked the route and Gays for Patsy did some two-stepping and we did some almost-Contra dancing. Ran into various people along the way.

After this we cruised around City Hall plaza for a while chatting with various people and seeing what kind of booths, I ran into the Gay Officer's Action League booth and talked to the president there about some training we are trying to get to happen in the Cambridge Fire Department.

After this we went to MIT where an ad-hoc Multics reunion was being held. There were about 15 of this there plus about 5 people on Skype. It was amusing when we got there because people (all extremely experienced software people) were having a lot of trouble getting Skype to work - and the solution was - install a new version.

And then for the evening we had our traditional Pride Dance with Dean Allemang calling to the music to Spank Me!

Today I am going to do nothing, except....
Tags: cambridge, mpei2010, nostalgia, tradition

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