JWG (jwg) wrote,

Quarantine needed and still effective

Christmas Family Picture

On Christmas day everyone gets to come down and sit on the couch to look at the tree (which is still up). Later that day rsc and I went off to share Christmas at fj and pinkfish's as is part of our current tradition and there we received our present. Super Microbes It was a box with holes punched in the top for some unknown to us reason until we opened it and discovered these virii and bacteria. When we got home and introduced them to our people we quickly put them in another room since it would be a complete hardship for them and us if everyone got sore throats, colds, stomach aches, and/or the flu. Of course the danger of contamination wasn't over since we placed them next to our PC's - to be safe we put the bacteria near the Windows machine and kept the Virii by the Mac since it is pretty safe and the McAfee antivirus protection doesn't include shigella and orthomyxovirus. Perhaps McAfee and Symantec should pay attention to the work of GiantMicrobes.com to improve their offering.

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