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Casa Batiló

Casa Batiló is one of the most interesting buildings by Gaudi. It was built as a residence in 1875-77. after Josep Batiló bought it in 1904 he commissioned Gaudi to modify it and turned it into what it is now. In 2002 it  was  converted into a museum.

You can see a huge amount inside - every step reveals another interesting detail. Mosaics, fireplace, colored tiles, stairwells, furniture, windows, roof top with decorated chimneys, back yard, the elevator, lighting fixtures,... We used the audio tour and that revealed lots of interesting tidbits.

I first saw it in 1971 on my trip with Arthur Stern (deceased) to see architecturally interesting places and returned again in 1972 but you couldn't see much then.

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Lovely architecture-hope Thanksgiving was nice to you. :)

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