JWG (jwg) wrote,

A trip to Montserrat

A short Metro ride, an hour train ride, and a cable car brought us to the plaza of Montserrat. The Benedictine Abbey and the accompanying monastary have been there a long time. The story is that in 880 some children saw a brilliant light which was later interpreted as a sign of god - and that was the imputus for building there on the mountain. Now in addition to the working monastary there are several hotels, several museums, several eating places, and crowds of tourists. At 1 PM every day the boys choir sings in the Basilica; we were there for this and it was jammed with people. There are funiculars that go further up the mountain or down to a cave - we only had time for the one that went up and hiked around amidst nice views. It was worth the trip; I missed coming here the last time I was in Barcelona.

Click here for some pictures
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