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And on to Rupit

Leaving Cadaqués we went on to the small medieval village of Rupit located in the mountains.  On the way we encountered this road block:

We had a little trouble finding our B&B, Mas la Serra, because of ambiguous directions and poor signage. It was a few kilometers out of town, the several places in the village were closed  gor the period we were staying there.  Mas la Serra is a working farm with a nice old stone house for the inn.  The proprietor, Elizabeth, was very nice and when our plane schedule changed so we would only stay one night instead of two to avoid having to leave very early in the morning to get to the Barcelona airport she didn't charge us for the second night. When we came back from town in the evening there were  cattle and sheep in the barn making lots of noise - it had something to do with a newly born calf. The sound didn't penetrate into the house.

Here is the view of the field from the dining room:

There were cattle and sheep roaming around in the field and an array of solar panels.

And a view of the dining room from the balcony where our room was:
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