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Rupit, a small medieval village several hours away from Barcelona

A few years ago (2006) I was reading the travel section of the Boston Globe and I saw an article by Alison Arnett, the then restaurant critic. It opened:

"RUPIT -- We woke to birdsong and the faint clang of a bell on a sheep. Outside the terrace window, the scene could have been from centuries ago. Mist rose from a gorge cut by a rippling river, Medieval buildings in warm stone the color of oatmeal hung over narrow streets, and the sound of villagers greeting each other in sibilant Catalan was interrupted by church bells tolling the hour."

I saved this article so that sometime when we went to Barcelona we could go to this town.  As it turned out we couldn't stay in the village - the two hotels were closed for vacation (unknown length) so we stayed in a nice B&B a few kilometers from town and spent quite a few hours in the two days we were there in this town walking around, taking a short hike to a waterfall, and just enjoying it. A church, some restaurants and couple of gift shops is the commercial aspect. A quaint swinging bridge is the main pedestrian entrance to the town.  As usual you see some nice detail such as door knockers and light fixtures.

It is in the mountains - altitude of 822 meters. There is a big rocky hill in the center of town that I think was once was part of the site of a castle - great defense. There was some new construction at the edge of the village.  The next town is called Pruit; in 1977 it was  combined administratively with Rupit and now the municipality is called Rupit i Pruit.  We drove to Pruit and all that we saw was a church.

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