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WS Ticket

Super Bowl and Pop Culture

So I watched most of the SuperBowl - rsc saw only the last quarter because he was playing bridge for the rest of it. 'twas exciting with some big passes and since it was won with 4 seconds left to go (even though it wasn't snowing) by an Adam Vinitieri field goal - (I wish he'd grow his beard again).

The half-time show was pretty strange to me - especially since I don't know who any of those people are - like I thought that Janet Jackson might be Michael's sister, I thought Justin Timberlake was a cast member on a soap, I do know about P. Diddy since there was a New Yorker article about Sean Combs last year, I now know that Kid Rock and Chris Rock are two different people, and I still don't know who Nelly is - or Beyonce had I seen the National Anthem. I had the sound down low to not disturb the Bridge players in the next room so I couldn't hear the lyrics (if that is what you call them) too well. And then there was the bare breast and all the crotch gestures..... They had a lot of stages out on the field - I wonder it that contributed to the poor field conditions.... Also there were a whole set of young girls waving and whatevering to the noisemusic; were these actors or just lucky fanatics?

I saw that CBS will probably not have MTV do the half-time show next time.

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i bet that you were glad that i wasn't there with a glass of cider.

i didn't see the super bowl--missed the whole thing. but i'm glad the patriots won.

The half-time show was *amazing*. Janet was in fine form!
I think you need more exposure to current music.

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